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Junichi USUI(spelled as "臼井淳一" in Japanese)

Born in Tokyo, Japan, 1977(Sagittarius, blood type A)
Instrumental part: electric guitar, violin(fiddle), vocal, Sho(笙) and improvisation

Junichi USUI (Male) is a musician(independent) and web designer(professional) from Japan.

For musical side, USUI has often tried improvisation with his Fiddle(Violin), Shō(笙), Vocal and Electric Guitar(sometimes Electric Bass). Also, USUI has contributed some independent films, poetry readings for its accompaniment.

For web design side, USUI has contributed many web-developing project for online bank, portal site of golf, world-wide instrument company, and smart device company. Through these experiences, now USUI can be responsible for any process of website maintaining for its interface, html/css coding with jQuery, and social media.

Going back to music, USUI has covered many music styles such as rock, punk, noiz, klezmer, traditional fiddle music from Celt, Scandinavian, Eastern European , improvisation and Japanese traditional music such as Gagaku (Ancient music since 8th century) and Esashi Oiwake (Northern folk singing).
USUI has also organized many independent concerts to find and catch new possibility of music in evolution.

Some terms to know me

Carrer Aim:
-Catch something new for music without losing indentity as Japanese
-Find another business model with web and IT which doesn't depend on commercial industry.
Loving things to do are...
Manga, Animation, Hot spring spa.
Japanese authors whom I respect are....
Osamu DAZAI, Hideo AZUMA, Dōgen Zenji, Ippen Shōnin, Kyoko OKAZAKI, Mamoru OSHII
I studied music under...
Toshiro MIYAWAKI(for guitar playing, popular music theory), Tatsuo MATSUNAGA(Esashi Oiwake: folk singing in the north area of Japan)
Musicians who has taught me...
Naoko TAKAHASHI(violin in the Western classical music format), Jim Ediger(Irish and Celtic style fiddle), Pat O'Connor(Irish fiddle), Naruyoshi KIKUCHI and Yoshio OTANI(History of Jazz music in the 20th century), Eri ITO(Gagaku theory, Sho), Remi MIURA(Gagaku theory, Sho), Taro TERAHARA(Classical Indian music), Utaji FUKUOKA(Enka of Taisho era of Japan)
Artists who I have collaborated with...
Yukio UCHIYAMA, Yoshiaki FUJIKAWA, Sabu TOYOZUMI, Keiji HAINO, Koji ISHIKAWA, Makiko SAKURAI, Junzo TATEIWA, Teddy KUMAGAI, Hiroshi HASEGAWA(ex C.C.C.C.), Kenji ONISHI(film), Nobunaga Ken, AMNESIa-cHANNEL, Hiko(from GAUZE), Keisuke OTA, kiyasu, Nobuyasu FURUYA, Yutaka KAIDO, Shiro ONUMA, Erika SATO, Jim Ediger, Akemi -Shoomy- TAKU, Sasai-san(for his blues guitar, RIP)
Sympathy for
 Citizen`s Nuclear Information Center (CNIC).
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